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How to change the chat background in Telegram

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Do you want change the chat background in your Telegram app? Here we show you how to do it.

To change the chat background in Telegram, we must first open the Telegram App, and in the main menu, select 'settings'.

Telegram Settings - stickers.acidodivertido.com

In the settings menu we will find another submenu called 'Chat Background'. We select it and we will be shown a screen where you can choose the background to enable.

Telegram Chat Background - stickers.acidodivertido.com


Apart from those which Telegram already brings by default, we can add others, we select the first option, which will allow us to choose a background from our photo gallery.


Telegram Background Selection - stickers.acidodivertido.com


So, we will have already changed the chat background in our Telegram App. Enjoy it!

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