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How to create your own Stickers for Telegram

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If you want to create your own stickers to Telegram from your mobile or computer, Here we are going to explain how to do it. We're going to do this!



Updated: You can see a more up-to-date version of this article in How to create your own drawings or stickers for Telegram Messenger


To create your stickers, You must follow the following steps:

  • The first thing, will be add to Telegram the contact @stickers. To do this, simply press here. We opened a window of conversation with this bot, which will allow us create our stickers.


Stickers Bot Contact - stickers.acidodivertido.com
  • In the conversation window, say anything to the Stickers Bot.


  • The Stickers Bot will give you the instructions available to create the stickers:
    • /newpack: create a new pack of stickers
    • /addsticker: Add a sticker to an existing pack
    • /delsticker: delete a sticker of an existing pack
    • /ordersticker: reorder the existing pack stickers
    • /Cancel: cancel what we have done


  • The first thing that we must tell you the Bot Stickers is that We want to create a new pack of stickers. To do this, We simply send you the message /newstickerpack.


  • We ask for the name of the pack of stickers. We send you a message with the name chosen.


  • We will then ask that you We send the emojis that I'll use for the first of the stickers. We can send you as many emojis as you want, Although most advisable is to send only one or two.


  • Then, We can now send you the sticker that we want to use for such, emojis. To do this, We can select our PNG file, and drag it into the window of Telegram, and drop it in the part that puts “Without Compression”. Remember that the format of the stickers must be 512×512 and that in addition the format should be in PNG with a transparent background.

Telegram Send Window - stickers.acidodivertido.com
  • Ready, We already have our first sticker added to the pack. We can keep adding the stickers that you want. Once our pack full, We simply send you the message /publish , ask for a short name, no spaces, for the pack, and We already have our set of stickers ready.


As you have seen, that process is really easy. In addition, We can do it both from your computer and from the mobile.


Download Telegram Stickers App for Android v.1.03

You can now create your sets of stickers and share them with your friends, and of course, with us. When complete your pack, send us the URL of the same (HTTPS://telegram.me/addstickers/nombre_corto_del_pack). To do this, on the right side (If you visit us from a computer), or below (If you visit us from your mobile) you have the option to do so.


We encourage that you send them to us and try to create your own sets of stickers!


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