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Download the Telegram Stickers App for Android

Telegram Stickers Android App

Do you want to have the Telegram Stickers app for your mobile or Android Tablet? Here we show you how to do it.

To be able to Download the application from here, before you must verify that you have activated the option of ' Unknown Sources’ on your mobile or Android Tablet.


To do this, We simply go to the menu Settings > Security > Enable the option ' Unknown Sources’. You will get a screen with some information, and click on ‘OK’.

Now our mobile is ready to download the application. Simply, Click on the following link, and select ' Download’:


Download Telegram Stickers App for Android v.1.03


Once downloaded, Click on the download notification, and on ' Install’. Once the installation is finished, Click on ' Open’.


We have already downloaded the App Telegram Stickers in our mobile or Android Tablet. Enjoy it!



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