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Discover the Telegram Bots

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Do you know what are the? Telegram Bots? Below we explain what they are. We're going to do this!

After the latest updates from Telegram we have seen how it has introduced a great new, such as the Telegram Stickers, which makes that we can express not only with words but with images. And another of the surprises that have brought us have been Telegram Bots.

What are Telegram Bots?

The Telegram Bots are not physical users of Telegram, after which there are small applications, and to offer us plenty of new things to do with Telegram: play, listen to music, see photos, learn things,…
In addition, These new users, with which we can connect in Telegram, offer us special keyboards defined based on the action that we can do with them.


Because there are plenty of Telegram Bots, and they are continually added more, Since as occurring with the Telegram Stickers, the Telegram Bots can also be created by users and shared with others.
Among their possibilities, We can search images from a phrase that we send, play the trivial, Create surveys, create alerts and alarms, find new friends,….

Create your own Telegram Bots

In order to create Telegram Bots you can visit the following link, where we explain how to do it.
If urge, do not hesitate to send it to us so we can share it with everyone.

Where find Telegram Bots?

If you want to try these Telegram Bots or if you want to send us some, simply visit the following link, There are several of them and we will be continually adding more.


The Botfather - Telegram Bots - Discover The Telegram Bots - stickers.acidodivertido.com

Discover the Telegram Bots!


We encourage you to try these Telegram Bots and create your own Bots and you send them to us!


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