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What's new in the latest update of Telegram 3.6

What's new in the latest update of Telegram - stickers.acidodivertido.com

Telegram has just released a new update of its application, the 3.6. Among others, This update improves the channels and adds new features to the systems boots and stickers. We will see that it brings!

Recently Telegram announcing that he had come to the 100 millions of users, and it is no wonder, Since this application is the best, and one of the Favorites for the users, While still WhatsApp take the lead.

In this new update, has listened to users, as usual, and there is the possibility of Edit messages already sent to different channels. We also have the possibility of Add the signature of administrators channel messages sending, and can differentiate the different channel managers.

Also, as stewards of a channel, We can send ‘silent messages‘, i.e., messages that do not generate notifications to the user and which do not disturb them at a certain point. Great if we send a message to the users of the canal at unusual hours. To do this, only have to touch the the bell icon appearing on the channel, and ready.

Another new feature that brings is the ability to view one Preview of the stickers before sending them. To do this, you simply hold down the sticker and this is displayed in large. Perfect when the sticker is not entirely visible to the naked eye.


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